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Emissions: Gas Versus Coal

To compare gas and coal life-cycle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, decision makers need to account for site-specific inputs. The calculator below guides user inputs to evaluate specific gas and coal resources and operations worldwide and determine their GHG emissions parity*.

Gas GHG Emissions


kg CO2e / mmBtu


Coal GHG Emissions


kg CO2e / mmBtu


Choose a Model

Choose a model

Warming Potentials

Methane and SO2 global warming potential

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SO2 global warming potential aerosol cloud interaction

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Gas Emissions Parameters

Coal Emissions Parameters

Source Citation

Calculations are derived from a study published in Environmental Research Letters. This calculator is designed to run specific user scenarios, and a copy is available for users who want to input their own values.

Note: Emission results may not sum up exactly due to rounding.

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* The calculator has set inputs. For a calculator version that allows users to enter discrete inputs, contact